Your peace of mind is our top priority. Your SAAB service experience will be marked by the guiding principles that have made us the No. 1 choice for many SAAB owners like yourself.

Every customer is a valuable resource.

Our technicians want to hear about your SAAB directly from you. We don’t employ a SAAB service writer or other go-between who might misinterpret what you have to say. All important communication about your car’s service needs is directly between the car owner and the technician working on your SAAB. We want to know your car, and we want to know you.

Every customer deserves to be fully informed.

We believe an open and honest relationship allows you to feel comfortable about your SAAB service decisions. What you know – and don’t know – about your SAAB and its condition could make a big difference when it comes to deciding your own service needs and priorities. Whatever your car’s symptoms may be, your technician will take a holistic approach. If we see or detect anything that we think you should know about, we give you as many details as possible.

Every customer deserves the best possible options.

We know that one size doesn’t always fit every customer’s needs when it comes to service solutions. When more than one option or approach is possible, we can shape today’s service to meet your priorities and help you develop an effective strategy for down the road if necessary. Because we truly know SAABs like nobody else, you can count on us to give you answers that are based on fact, not on best guess.

Every customer should be in control of their service.

We truly know SAABs like nobody else, but only you know your own situation. Count on us to fully discuss any advantages and disadvantages involved with your SAAB service options, including any benefits or risks. We aren’t satisfied until you are equipped to make an informed decision concerning the maintenance of your SAAB.

Every customer deserves our best service.

French’s Foreign Car is equipped to bring you the best possible mechanical and electronics service, from bumper to bumper. With more than three decades of experience under our belt, we can’t remember the last time we ran into a symptom we haven’t seen before. Our customers appreciate that we service only SAABs.

SAAB Service Like It Should Be

French’s Service philosophy begins and ends with just one thought in mind: caring for your car includes caring for you.