French’s Foreign Car is built on more than 35 years of SAAB experience and a unique approach to customer service.

Tom French grew up with a love of cars and what makes them run. His early years included various forms of auto racing and tinkering on his dad’s car. He worked at various dealerships and independent shops servicing a variety of makes, including SAAB.

In 1975 Tom opened his own business, renting a single bay at a service station in Grand Prairie. As his business quickly grew, he moved twice before settling down in 1978 in the location where you find him today.

French's Foreign Car, 925 Luke St., Irving, Texas

Tom’s philosophy toward SAAB service and his customers is unique among service facilities in the area. “We believe SAAB owners want to be fully informed about their car and its condition,” he says. “This allows you to make informed decisions concerning the maintenance of your SAAB.

“At French’s, we believe an open and honest relationship allows you to feel comfortable about your service decisions. We want you to have a reliable, safe car for you and your family by offering the best possible service and repair for your SAAB. We are proud to say we have many customers who have chosen French’s for their SAAB service for 20 years or more. The relationship we have with our customers is why we love what we do.”

Say Hello to Our
Veteran Staff

Tom French started it all in 1975, setting the standard the shop still lives by today.

Michael Hayle has been a technician with French’s since 1990. His knowledge and ability is a great asset to French’s and our customers.

Charlotte Hayle has been the office manager with French’s since 1993. She loves chatting with waiting customers and has developed many friends among French’s customers.